VARUN BAHL - India Couture Week 2014

Bipasha Basu for IIJW 2014

there’s an Indian restaurant called Bollywood near my hotel and it has like a huge poster of Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna and then they photoshopped a picture of Aishwarya Rai in Guru there lol (I want to go. Let’s see if I can convince mom)

Okay so we just moved to a decent hotel (with AC!!!) and it’s all good. Thank God.

So we accidentally booked a 1 star hotel for Barcelona. It’s located in a really good place, but it doesn’t have AC (and it’s like 85 degrees outside). And it smells really bad. And it was kind of a scam cause (okay it’s true that we weren’t extra careful) but the pictures they showed online were NOT pictures of a one star hotel. So yeah. Anyway, we’re moving to another hotel tomorrow and it says on the description that all rooms have AC lol

your icon though, so pretty <3

Thank youuu dear :)

jhilmila asked:
your icon is *___*

Thank you sweetie!!!

I will just take a moment to say that everyone in the bw fandom is so damn flawless I mean look at your selfies!! How will I ever show my face again!

'I'm thankful to be part of all kinds of cinema.’ 


Here comes the smolder…