Worst semester so far regarding the work.

Bollywood women + hips

Parineeti Chopra reaction gifs, season 4

So now all the porn blogs are reblogging my Varun Dhawan gifset…

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995) + Tumblr Text Posts

You know when you have friends but those friends have other friends and they are always going out with those other friends and ignoring you? Exactly

Literally acting like a 13 year old psycho teenage girl for a reply on twitter from SRK.

"But why is Katrina Kaif in Bollywood to begin with?"
"Indian actors have always tended to be much lighter-skinned than ordinary Indians, and the projection of ‘western lifestyle’ has been a part of Indian movie mythology for at least 40 years. And it’s always been somewhat troubling to me — a sign of a lingering colonial mentality."

Despite the backlash Katrina Kaif receives daily for her ethnicity and her Anglicized accent, she (and Aamir Khan) decide to speak against the controversy. So does including her in the industry really contribute to the mindset that fair is lovely, while her Indian contemporaries continue to earn crores endorsing fairness creams to the majority of the Indian population?